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Washing Instructions

Parka Washing Instructions
Parkas do NOT need to be washed each time they are worn.
Simply towel dry after swimming before putting parka on.
(Often a mini microfiber sports towel is all you need in addition to your parka)
After use, just hang on a coathanger to air.

To wash:
1. Turn parka inside out.
2. Gentle machine wash.
3. Hang out to dry on line (fur out)
4. Do NOT tumble dry or iron.

Parka Zip Instructions
Our parka zips are custom made to our specific instructions.
To do zip up:

1. Ensure both zip pullers on right ride of parka are pulled down
    to the bottom edge.
2. Feed tongue piece on left side through both zip-pulls on right.
3. Check that the lower edges of zip are equal on both sides.
4. Pull up top zip-pull only to zip up parka.
5. Pulling up lower zip-pull will undo zip from bottom – giving more
    legroom and manoeuvrability. Also allows for dressing underneath parka.
    If you have unzipped your parka from the bottom, you will need to pull the     lower puller back to the lower edge, before unzipping the parka completely.

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